CNN’s Van Jones GUSHES Over Obama: ‘I Love That Guy. I Love Him! I Love Him!’

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Van Jones couldn’t stop himself from gushing over former President Barack Obama Thursday. Jones literally proclaimed his love for Obama over and over again.


Jones said, “I love that guy. I love him! I love him!” adding, “I do. I can’t lie, I love that guy.”

He also said that Obama and former President George W. Bush can take America back to a “higher level.”

“I think that everybody’s got look in the mirror. I mean, that’s part of, I think, what’s wrong now is that we’ve now gotten to a politics of accusation. Where nobody wants to take responsibility. It’s just all the other side. And it’s all projection, no reflection. And so my hope is that, you know, you got the George W. Bush’s coming out, Obama’s coming out, you have these Gold Star families coming out, maybe we can all get to a higher level.”

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