Cruz Says Bernie Would Have Won If It Wasn’t For ‘Corrupt’ DNC [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Sen. Ted Cruz told Sen. Bernie Sanders that he would have won the Democratic Party nomination if it weren’t for the “corrupt” Democratic National Committee (DNC) at a CNN debate Wednesday.


Cruz said, “Now, one of the things I like about debating Bernie is he’s honest. When he ran in Vermont, he ran as a socialist. An unabashed socialist.”

Sanders said, “No I didn’t. No, I ran as an independent, longest serving independent in the history of the United States Congress”

“Are you a socialist or not?” Cruz asked.

“I’m a democratic socialist… I didn’t run as a socialist,” he added, saying “You didn’t run as a right winger. you ran as a Republican, right?”

Cruz said, “I am happily a conservative.”

Cruz then said, “So Bernie ran telling the voters he was socialist, and then this last election he ran in the Democratic Party. He almost won the Democratic Party’s nomination, and if you didn’t have super delegates and the corruption of the DNC, you probably would have been your party’s nominee.”

Bernie then joked, “Are you looking for a job as my campaign manager?”

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