Former Hillary Staffer Accidentally Admits Democrats Don’t Fight For Black Voters [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former staffer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign Brian Fallon seemingly admitted on CNN Thursday that the Democratic Party doesn’t fight for black voters.


“I think that the lesson [from 2016] is that Democrats cannot take these base voters for granted,” Fallon said. “We refer to them as our base, but we really have to work for it to earn their support and get them to turn out. One of the organizations I work with — Priorities USA — just did two focus groups earlier this month in Philadelphia and St. Louis of young African-American voters that did not turn out in 2016.”

Fallon continued: “They’re very informed and know all about all the outrages that Donald Trump is spewing out there and they’re inflamed by it, but they want to see Democrats stand up and fight for them, what Democrats are going to do for them. If we don’t communicate those messages those voters are not going to turn out despite all the outrages that Donald Trump injects into the news cycle.”

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