It’s Weird How Many Photos Hillary And Harvey Weinstein Took Together [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein have had a relationship with one another that has lasted more than a decade.

We all know Hillary is married to a man who is allegedly quite similar to Harvey. But when the allegations first surfaced of Harvey being a disgusting excuse for a man, Hillary tried to act like she was surprised.

Weinstein also donated a ton of money to her presidential campaign, so if anyone believed her reaction that she had no idea, that is absurd.

Clinton has also tried to turn the tables and say that the person currently holding office in the White House is on the same level as Harvey. I’m not sure she realizes who she is married to after she made those comments.

Hillary acting like she had no idea is a classic Hillary move, because we all know she knew and only wanted his money to try and get herself where Donald Trump currently sits.