MSNBC Anchor Calls Clinton Uranium Scandal A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Craig Melvin accused President Donald Trump of peddling “conspiracy theories” about the Clinton Foundation’s alleged ties to Russian government officials.


The Hill reported Tuesday that FBI officials buried evidence from as early as 2009 that indicated Russian nuclear personnel provided kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation while then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on a government body that approved a uranium deal with Moscow. (RELATED: FBI Sat On Evidence Tying The Clintons To A Russian Bribery Scheme) 

During a press briefing on Thursday, President Donald Trump slammed media outlets for ignoring the report, as ABC, CBS, NBC, and others declined to even mention the story. (RELATED: Networks Ignore Clinton Foundation Uranium Scandal) 

Melvin, however, said Trump is peddling “conspiracy theories” when he should be focused on his responses to Gold Star families.
“Now to President Trump, preferring to talk Russian conspiracy theories than the controversy over Gold Star families, even as former president George W. Bush bemoaned ‘conspiracy theories and outright fabrication,'” Melvin declared. “On Twitter today, President Trump appeared to allege collusion between the FBI, Democrats, and Russians.”
“All of this as the Washington Post reports he promised but did not send a $25,000 check to a Gold Star parent,” he continued. “This and also Trump’s alleged comments to a grieving widow as Senators are demanding more answers as to what happened…in Niger.”
WATCH: Clinton-Russian Bribery Scheme 

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