MSNBC Panelist: Trump ‘Mainlines’ Fox News’ ‘Wackadoodle Conspiracy Theories’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

MSNBC panelist Matt Miller said Thursday that President Donald Trump “mainlines” “wackadoodle conspiracy theories” concerning the emerging Fusion GPS story which appear on Fox News.


MSNBC host Chris Hayes said: “Now this sort of aversion that’s happening thanks to Devin Nunes, who is supposed to be recused from the House intelligence committee, Chuck Grassley in the Senate, essentially trying to pursue a kind of counter-conspiracy setup by this GPS firm.”

Miller then said: “Yeah, that’s right. Look, it’s unfortunate that the president watches Fox, mainlines Fox & Friends and their wackadoodle conspiracy theories go into his ears and out on his Twitter feed. You expect more from Chuck Grassley, who in his past life has been an aggressive overseer of Democratic and Republican Administrations.”

Miller continued: “Both he and Devin Nunes have been aggressively trying to undermine the FBI investigation, undermine the dossier. Instead of asking the fundamental question — are the allegations in this dossier true? — they’ve repeatedly tried to go after the FBI and undermine the work they’re doing. It’s not really an appropriate exercise of congressional oversight.”

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