SE Cupp: People Should Ask Questions About Niger Like They Did In Benghazi [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican HLN host SE Cupp called on Republicans to ask questions about what happened in Niger like they did in Benghazi.


Cupp implied hypocrisy between the two cases, claiming that Republicans demanded answers in Benghazi within hours of the attack but have been relatively silent about the four American deaths in Niger.

“What happened in Niger? Why did those four soldiers in Niger die?” she asked. “I didn’t hear a lot of those questions.”

“I’m directing this at Republicans because I’m old enough to remember Benghazi and our outrage happened hours into that attack, and we are now 12 days into this skirmish that ended in four deaths,” Cupp continued. “I’ve not heard a lot of Republicans demanding answers on what happened.”

Cupp urged people to not become distracted by “shiny objects” like President Trump’s fight with Sen. John McCain and former President Barack Obama and instead ask more questions about who is to blame for the deaths in Niger.

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