The CIA’s Twitter Account Was Overrun By Dogs, And It’s Incredible

CIA Logo (Credit: Shutterstock)

Jena Greene Reporter
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CIA’s Twitter account recently took a break from its usual business to cover some very important cuteness.

Using the hashtag #CIAK9, the account put out tweet after tweet about their puppy training program. It detailed what happens to dogs when they don’t make the cut for bomb detection. Linking to an article titled “A Pup Leaves the Class,” it details Lulu’s story, a lab who recently dropped out of the program.

Unfortunately, Lulu showed early signs that the bomb detection life was not for her.

If anybody knows how to volunteer to give these puppies extra playtime, please let me know immediately.

I’ve never been happier to see two dogs together.

Lulu may not have been cut out for sniffing bombs, but she definitely seems cut out to hang out on the couch with me. Even CIA seemed to have a hard time giving Lola away. This is just further evidence that dogs are the best, and everything else is secondary.