Double Take: Rep. Johnson Should Be Ashamed Of Herself [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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It’s Friday, October 20, 2017, and this is Double Take, the show where Amber Athey and Julia Nista demolish modern feminism.


Today, the cohosts discuss Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s assertion that women bear “responsibility” for being sexually harassed or assaulted by sick individuals like Harvey Weinstein. While she claimed that women “invite” sexual assault with their clothing choices, research shows that rapists actually target women who are alone and don’t have a way to fight back. That is, rapists aren’t enticed by what a woman is wearing, even if it seems provocative.

Also on today’s show, Julia and Amber debunk actress Julianne Moore’s argument about gun control. Moore claims that gun control is just like adding safety features to cars, but as Julia notes, cars are still used in deadly terrorist attacks all over the world.

Tying the two stories together, there is one thing that women can do to prevent sexual assault: arm themselves, preferably with a gun.

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