CNN Panelist Says She’ll Vote For John Kasich In A Batman T-Shirt [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A CNN panelist claimed Monday that she would vote for Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich for president if he wore a “really tight” Batman t-shirt.


Appearing on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev said, “If you put John Kasich in one of those really tight Batman t-shirts, I would vote for him.”

CNN host John King jokingly cut her off, saying, “Oh, that’s it. I can’t go on. So that’s it for Inside Politics, we’ll be back here at this time tomorrow.” (RELATED: John Kasich: If ‘Anti-Immigration’ GOP Can’t Be ‘Fixed,’ Then I’m Out [VIDEO])

It’s unclear exactly what Talev meant by this remark.

The segment was about a possible Mark Cuban presidential run. The billionaire teased the idea on Fox News Monday, saying that despite the fact he in an independent, he would campaign as a Republican if he runs in 2020. (RELATED: Mark Cuban Just Spoke About Political Dealmaking And It Smells Of A 2020 Run)

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