MSNBC Panelist: Trump Admin Shows ‘Eagerness To Go After This African-American Congresswoman’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC contributor Eli Stokols said Monday that the White House has an “eagerness to go after this African-American congresswoman,” in reference to Rep. Frederica Wilson.


Stokols said, “There was just a defensive posture and an attack on this congresswoman. And you do get the sense from the White House, the administration — Sarah Huckabee Sanders followed up the next day saying, ‘If you didn’t understand the phrase empty barrel, I can say, “All hat, no cattle.” There’s been almost an eagerness to go after this African-American congresswoman from Florida, and to tangle with this family.”

He continued, “Even today, you saw the president himself after the widow was on TV acknowledging and putting her name out there and talking about this very painful situation, [Trump] couldn’t say, ‘Maybe I got the tone wrong.’ It was, ‘Nope, this is my version. I did it correctly.’ And everybody in this administration has to take their cues from this president who can’t apologize.”

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