WATCH: MSNBC Segment Accidentally Admits Trump Is Right About Border

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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An MSNBC segment Monday on proposed border wall designs was interrupted by migrants easily crossing the existing border fence.


MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff was near the U.S.-Mexico border for a segment on President Trump’s proposed border wall, when a group of immigrants easily crossed the existing fence into the United States while cameras were rolling.

Soboroff asked a Border Patrol agent, “So what happens now? Does the president come out here and literally say, ‘okay, I like that one?'”

The agent replies, “We’re going to test it for breach-ability, for the sub-terrain aspect, can we dig under it, can we cut through it, scale over it?”

As he was talking, migrants jumped over the existing fence in order to get caught and hopefully receive asylum into the United States.

“What happened? People are crossing!” Soboroff said.

“Almost on cue, a group of asylum seekers jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves in to border agents on horseback. a small group of three people just jumped over in the middle of the day,” a narrator said.

The reporter asks, “Can you explain what is going on?”

The agent tells him, “This is the reality of every day border enforcement. The United States is the draw for people with dire situations where they are at. We are going to continue to witness this. It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

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