Drunken Couple Legitimately Tries To Box Down Bro In Convenience Store, Regrets All Around

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A seemingly inebriated couple started a fight with a man in a convenience store, a video posted to World Star Hip Hop Tuesday shows.

And they got exactly what they deserved.


I’m not sure what anyone in the video was thinking, other than our bro in green who was probably thinking “what the hell are these other people thinking?”

Seriously, what kind of woman slaps a man across the face and then actually tries to square up against him? Why is her male partner somehow less tough than she is?

How did they possibly think they could beat a guy who clearly has both weight and height on both of them? It’s a mystery for the ages.

Anyway, they both got handled. But it’s way more embarrassing for the guy.

Also, I think this is a Wawa, which is a shame because the convenience store chain has a great reputation on the East Coast. All my friends back in New Jersey treat Wawa like a sacred temple. This is desecration.

The only winner here is the internet. We get to enjoy a hilarious, well-deserved beat down from the safety of our own homes.