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How Many Cheerios Can You Blow?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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You may know Cheerios as a delicious cereal, but in the world of vape tricks it is a term d’art for small O’s. When you blow Cheerios, you make O’s that are small and plentiful in number. Let’s see if you can pull off Cheerios yourself.

There are two methods you can use to do Cheerios, which include: 1. Neck cheerios. 2. Cheek cheerios.

Using the neck method is when you simply tap the side of your neck while blowing O’s. This helps to produce the O’s needed, which come out at a higher rate of speed. It helps with momentum, while you simultaneously concentrate on blowing O’s from your mouth. The key is making sure your mouth is open slightly in a round position. You want the O’s to be small (like pieces of cereal). The trickster in the video says that tapping your neck helps to shoot out the O’s further in mid air.

The second method involves tapping your cheek while blowing O’s. This method is similar to the “neck” method and produces similar results. It all comes down to which way you are more comfortable with. Either method helps produce O’s at a higher rate of speed, proper size of an O and helps to separate the O’s as they come shooting out of your mouth.

After you are able to produce the small O’s at a high rate of speed, you’ll need to make sure to shift your head from one side to the other. Shifting your head will produce O’s that shoot in all different directions.

While you are blowing the O’s and shifting your head, you will be tapping either your neck (right below the jaw line) or tapping your cheek (right in the middle, parallel with your mouth). There should be a steady stream of vapor leaving your mouth. Tapping either your neck or cheek will help with producing an O and the momentum needed as it leaves your mouth. Once this method is mastered, you will be blowing Cheerios like a pro!

How many Cheerios can you blow in one try?

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