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This Lighter Can Start A Fire Without A Flame And Costs Less Than $20

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Are you interested in lighting a fire easier that you have ever done in the past? Replace your current lighter with the Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter. It features the same flip-top functionality as your standard butane lighters, but its electrically generated plasma beam burns hotter and cleaner.

Normally $100, this plasma lighter is 84 percent off

Normally $100, this plasma lighter is 84 percent off

Saberlight Rechargeable Plasma Lighter on sale for $15.95

The lighter offers unparalleled reliability in rough conditions, including high winds and rain. Hold a piece of kindling to the beam and it instantly ignites, allowing you to start your campfire quickly—so you can skip the hassle and get right to roasting marshmellows. Even better, Saberlight can be used over 300 times on a single charge, and then replenished via USB in a laptop or portable battery. Normally, it costs $99.99; we are offering it now at the great price of $15.95 for a limited time. Daily Caller readers can save an additional 15 percent off with coupon code SAVE15.

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