Former Clinton Spox Denies Steele Worked With Russia On Dossier [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon claimed Wednesday that Christopher Steele did not work with Russians in gathering information for the Trump dossier that alleged collusion with the Russian government.


Fallon, who is now a CNN contributor, argued that the DNC and the Clinton campaign’s funding of the dossier is not similar to Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer because Steele did not contract with the Russians.

“He was not being handed things by the Russians,” Fallon asserted. “Otherwise we would know the details of these supposed video tapes and the business connections that Trump has with Russia–none of that study was out there prior to the election.”

“I tend to think if the Russians were trying to help Christopher Steele and collude with the Clinton campaign… more of that stuff would have surfaced prior to November 8,” he concluded.

Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell, who was in line to become CIA director if Clinton won the election, had a somewhat different story in March. Morell claimed that he learned Steele was paying Russian sources to feed him information on Trump.

“Why did these guys provide this information, what was their motivation? And I subsequently learned that [Steele] paid them,” Morell said. “And that kind of worries me a little bit because if you’re paying somebody, particularly former FSB officers, they are going to tell you truth and innuendo and rumor, and they’re going to call you up and say, ‘hey, let’s have another meeting, I have more information for you,’ because they want to get paid some more.”

Fallon additionally argued that it was okay to work with a foreign national like Steele because he did not take illegal actions to produce the dossier–such as hacking servers–and because he was “well-known” to U.S. intelligence agencies.

“This is akin to counter-intelligence work,” Fallon said. “Long after the campaign ended…the FBI itself reached out to Christopher Steele and said, ‘hey we consider you so trustworthy, and we consider your methods so honest, we want to actually contract with you now to keep doing this research.'”

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