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Afternoon Mirror: Reader Calls Me A ‘Truly Horrible Person’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Why don’t you let prosecutors and real journalists investigate such cases and you stick to divorces and plastic surgery.”

Alec Baldwin, actor, professional President Trump impersonator to New York Post TV critic Kayla Cobb.

Mark Halperin fallout…

“I have no idea how I am going to figure out what happened last year without this Mark Halperin movie.” — Matt Berman, deputy editor, BuzzFeed News.

And this…

Need shitty advice?

“Has it been a week since my Twitter shitty advice column? No? Eh, who cares. Tweet me your probs, get shitty advice.#TwitterShittyAdvice.” — Charles Clymer, Washington, D.C. -based writer, genderqueer.

Emily Miller: It wasn’t me! (She says she wasn’t in CNN’s story on Mark Halperin) 

“To be clear, I was NOT one of the victims in this story about Mark Halperin. I was ANOTHER junior ABC employee he attacked. #MeToo” — Emily Miller, author, former reporter.

Ex-Trump aide Sebastian Gorka doesn’t take Yahoo News seriously 

“Here’s how @SebGorka responded when I asked what he meant by ‘black African crime on black African crime.'” — Hunter Walker, Yahoo News.

Sebastian Gorka: Yahoo News. Are you joking? Get a real job.

Hunter Walker: We’re pretty well established. You can see the numbers for yourself. I am willing to give you space to share your thoughts if you’d like.

Sebastian Gorka: So was Mao.

Halloween costume idea….

“I have a bathrobe that won’t close in the front, so I guess it’s Sexy Harvey Weinstein for my Halloween costume.” — @ThatElJefe.

Scaramucci gets sensitive about The Mirror‘s thoughts on his Holocaust Poll 

I wasn’t the only person in the world to react to his Holocaust Poll. But he felt the need to dig back through eight days of commentary to find my tweet.  

Here’s what he had to say on Oct. 25th:





Shortly after he wrote that, a journo texted to The Mirror: “Why’s Mooch beefing?”


Related Confessional. 

“Being included in @Scaramucci’s mentions goes down a dark rabbit hole of irony and hatred that I was not prepared for.” — Jake Lahut, journalist and teacher in Paris, formerly Politico and The New Yorker.

Writer gets locked out in a towel and a toddler 

“Today in getting out of the shower adventures Francis ran down the hallway and I ran down after him and just like that I was locked out wearing nothing but a ratty towel and a strategically placed toddler. I would have liked to have been wearing shoes and/or a small fraction of the makeup on Francis’s face.” — Moe Tkacik, Think Food Group, formerly of Gawker, Washington City Paper, etc…

Travel Bitches: Question for the Sages 

“Most new elevators work well for a while. Why do MTA elevators lurch so much and break down so often?” — Josh Greenman, New York Daily News opinion editor.

Greta Van Susteren is pleasantly pleased about her book sales 

“That is exciting for me…I had no idea when I started the book if would be flop or success.” — Ex-Fox News host and ex-MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren, who explained, “I don’t know much (anything?) about book business but I was just told my book is in its 2nd printing and it hasn’t even hit the book stores.”

Ben Shapiro cries foul when Ellen DeGeneres gawks at Katy Perry’s breasts 

“Imagine if a dude tweeted this in the midst of the Weinstein scandal.” — The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro.

The Star Watcher 

“Staring at a McLaren at dinner and Iggy Azalea left the restaurant and got in. Nice car.” — Erick Erickson, The Resurgent.

Sen. Grassley attends wind events 

“I consider myself the father of the wind enrgy tax credit but at a wind event 2nite w Sen Markey of Mass he called me a ‘titan of turbines.'” — Sen. Chuck Grassley (D-Iowa).

Tabloid-Gossip Roundup








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