CNN Panelist: Trump Has ‘Personality Disorder’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A panelist on CNN Thursday claimed that President Trump has a “personality disorder.”


Author Bill Carter, appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” for a segment about Trump criticizing the media and promoting his own intelligence, said, “It speaks to the personality disorder that he has. … The guy does have a personality disorder. Intelligent people don’t go around saying, ‘Hey, look how intelligent I am.’ They’re not worried about it.” (RELATED: CNN Obsessed With Donald Trump’s Fitness [VIDEO])

Co-host Chris Cuomo said, “I don’t think he has a personality disorder. I just think it was an odd thing to say.”

CNN has used its broadcast to promote individuals who question Trump’s mental health before. In one interview earlier this month, former Trump associate Tony Schwartz also said that Trump has a “personality disorder.”

“There’s a variety of psychiatrists … making different judgments, but all agreeing that there’s a fundamental personality disorder. He is not fit to lead, and that he has made clear, and that’s what frightens me the most and what I don’t want to allow to be normalized,” Schwartz alleged. (RELATED: CNN Interview Explores Trump’s ‘Classic Narcissism’ And ‘Personality Disorder’ [VIDEO])

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