Danny McBride Films Hilarious Goodbye Commercial For Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mountain Dew (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Mountain Dew)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Danny McBride and Mountain Dew dropped a hilarious goodbye commercial for NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., and it’s a must-watch if you’re a Junior fan.

Just Wednesday, I wrote about how McBride was a criminally underrated actor. Then he turns around and hit us with this beast of a video.

Would Danny McBride, aka Dewey Ryder, make a great NASCAR driver? I’m inclined to say yes after watching the incredible goodbye video.

Ryder also released the follow fake press release:

While I have never actually driven a stock car, I know enough to be dangerous. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Aren’t you Danny McBride, the world’s funniest actor? What are you doing racing cars?” To which I say, “Pfft. I’m Dewey Ryder, the rightful heir to this throne.”

Such an incredible advertisement. Was it the best ever? I don’t know whether it is or not, but I do know that you’re an absolute prude if you didn’t find yourself laughing.

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