Marshawn Lynch Wrecks High Schoolers In Classic Beast Mode Fashion

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Marshawn Lynch paid a visit to his old stomping grounds this week and didn’t forget to remind everyone who the beast is.

Yesterday, Lynch shared an Instagram video of himself visiting his old high school, Oakland Tech. He was suited up to practice with the football players, but it’s not clear if he was coaching them or playing against them.

Lynch, who wore his Oakland Raiders football helmet and dressed in all black, captioned last night’s video, “Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!”

Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!

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Nobody’s really sure what he’s working at or what he wants to happen. Does it even matter? Judging by the way he stiff-armed that kid, I think Marshawn’s still got it.

I mean, this whole video is gold. The fact that Marshawn Lynch visits his high school dressed in full Raiders gear is funny, albeit predictable. But the fact that he took the practice seriously, and filmed it like a highlight reel is downright hilarious. And so characteristic. This is why the people love Beast Mode. They need Beast Mode. They can’t get enough of him.

Nobody feels that way? Just me? Whatever. Just look at his sly grin. Grill and all. He doesn’t even care that he can’t play this week because he shoved a ref during the Chiefs game last week. Not Marshawn Lynch. Those are just details trying to get him down. But he praises the “Lawd” every day and trusts the process. Long live the Beast.