MSNBC Host Incorrectly States Dem Sen. Supported Iran Deal [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin had to correct an MSNBC host on Thursday after he incorrectly claimed Cardin supported the Iran Deal.


Host Ali Velshi seemed to misremember a conversation he had with Cardin years ago, asserting that the senator was “on the fence” regarding the deal but eventually came to support it.

“Senator, I remember talking to you a few years ago and you were on the fence about the Iran Deal…in my mind, your decision to support it was ultimately the nail in the coffin to those who wanted to kill it.”

Cardin allowed Velshi to finish his question and then politely corrected his error.

“Well, let me correct you, I voted against the Iran agreement so I was on the other side of that,” Cardin said.

Regardless, Cardin said he wants to see the Iran Deal “rigorously enforced” and also wants to “deal with Iran’s non-nuclear violations” such as the government’s support of terrorism.

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