TUCKER HIJACKED!: Dem Congressman Refuses To Leave Set, So Tucker Has Him Read Script [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic California Rep. Brad Sherman appeared as a guest on Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and apparently didn’t feel like leaving after his segment was over.


Sherman and Carlson went back and forth in a heated arguments over new revelations regarding Russian influence via the Podesta Group and the new tax bill. Sherman also brought up impeaching Donald Trump, something he tried to trigger this summer with his own articles of impeachment.

After the segment ended, Carlson began a new segment with Byron York of the Washington Examiner, but Rep. Sherman stuck around, interjecting into the conversation.

At the end of Carlson speaking with York, Sherman is still sitting at the other end of the desk, so Tucker invites him to read the teleprompter tease for the next part of the show after the commercial break.

Sherman reads it poorly and the show goes to commercials.

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