Celebrate Halloween By Watching This Cannon Blow Apart A Bunch Of Pumpkins

Cannon vs. Pumpkins (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube IraqVeteran8888)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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There might not be a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a massive cannon destroying a bunch of pumpkins.

YouTube user and Second Amendment advocate “IraqVeteran8888” recently posted a video of a cannon absolutely shredding a line of pumpkins.

They captioned the video of slaughtering pumpkins, “Fall is here! That means it’s time for some pumpkin destruction with the Parrott rifle.”

It’s one of the coolest videos you’ll see during the Halloween season.


Is there anything more American than that video? A cannon, pumpkins and Halloween put together is about as good as it gets. This should really become a regular series where people just find out how many pumpkins you can destroy with a variety of different pumpkins.

Also, why just stop with firearms and cannons? Why not start calling in airstrikes on a few pumpkin patches. Bring in some helicopters and rain hell down on those fields. That’s the only thing I could possibly see being better than using a cannon against pumpkins.

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