‘Double Take’ Tackles The Pentagon’s Newest Female Draft Recommendation

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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On today’s episode of “Double Take,” Amber Athey and Julia Nista discuss their disapproval of the Pentagon’s newest recommendation for women to be included in the draft.



Mark Halperin was recently let go from NBC due to allegations of sexual harassment, including pressing his erection against women’s bodies and forcibly feeling their breasts.

“That doesn’t sit well with us,” Julia Nista commented on the disgusting allegations against Halperin.

Next, Athey and Nista tackle the Pentagon’s recommendation to include women in the draft. The recommendation was based on increasing members in the military, including a “diverse” military demographic. “Oh here we go again, the classic leftist talking point,” Amber commented on the military recommendation.

“I don’t see this position of women being against the draft being hypocritical at all,” Athey stated.

Nista responded, “It’s not. It makes sense when you are treated equally under the law… Women are not equal to men in all things, everything, certainly not physically, anyone with eyes can see that.”

The episode finishes with a feminist shoutout to Selena Gomez and her friend, who donated a kidney to the singer and actress who suffers from Lupus. What will ‘Double Take’ demolish next? Find out on the next episode!