Dude Bags 36-Point Buck With Crossbow. You Have To See The Photo

Deer (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Mississippi man Stan Ethredge recently bagged himself a 36-point buck, and the photos are absolutely insane.

USA Today brought everybody the following details of the epic hunt:

“I hunt there around my house,” Stan Ethredge said. “We’ve got a couple of hundred acres.

“I’ve been getting pictures of him for at least four years now. He was a big six point four years ago. He dropped his antlers and grew six points again. After the second year he was a 6-point, I figured that was all he was going to be. I figured he was a good cull buck, but I never got a shot at him. I just got pictures.”

“As soon as I got the crosshairs on him, I shot,” Ethredge said. “He’s eluded me for years, so I didn’t want to let him get away. I shot him as soon as I got the chance. I felt pretty good about the shot. He turned and ran away the way he came. I sat there a while and it was the longest hour of my life.”

This is one of the most impressive bucks I’ve ever seen in my life. In fact, it might be the most impressive buck I’ve ever seen. There is a wall in my parent’s house with a ten of the biggest deer mounts you’ve ever seen, and that buck is bigger than every one of them.

Will this guy ever have to buy a beer again in the rest of his life? I doubt it. Ethredge will also always have the greatest hunting story no matter who is in his company. Oh, some dude shot a 16-point monster buck? Let our guy Stan tell you about the time he smoked a 36-point buck with a crossbow.

He’s king of the hunting mountain, and I don’t think he’ll be coming down anytime soon.

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