Is It Cruel To Have Plus Size Models Shoot Videos Next To Skinny Ones?

Sports Illustrated (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Video Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I’m starting to think Sports Illustrated is pulling off borderline cruel tricks on some of their plus size models.

As a staunch defender of women’s rights, I have always fought for women to have the right to prance around in a swimsuit and pose for magazines. After all, we don’t live in the oppressed regions of the Middle East. We should celebrate our freedom at every turn and opportunity.

However, I think SI is starting to play games, and not the fun kind. The famous publication released a video on Instagram of Georgia Gibbs and plus size model Kate Wasley. Hold on because you’ve never seen me do what I’m about to do before.

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I actually feel bad for Wasley, and I think SI knew exactly what they were doing when they released this video. You don’t have Gibbs and Wasley together in a video by accident. No, this is a coordinated attempt to draw a comparison between the two. It’d be like having me stand next to Matthew Stafford for ESPN, and then have the magazine run a story about how we’re equal.

It’s classless and wrong.

There’s no debate about where I stand on the plus size model issue. I think it’s stupid to promote them to a male audience. I also think having Wasley stand next to a smoke show is equally stupid.

Every guy who sees this video is going to have the exact same conversation I’ve had a few times today. I’m sure SI thought this would just fly over our heads, but not on my watch.

It’s mean and unnecessary to have a plus size model pose with a regular one. Shame, shame SI.

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