Joe Flacco Is Lucky He Walked Away From This Brutal Hit

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco took a brutal shot to the head Thursday night against the Miami Dolphins.

Flacco scrambles out of the pocket, attempts to slide and got lit up by Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso. It’s one of the most brutal hits I’ve ever seen. Alonso leads with his shoulder, but that’s certainly not going to going to make the Ravens Super Bowl winning quarterback feel any better.

Flacco honestly looks like he has no idea where he is after that hit. His mind is floating around an entirely different universe.

Those are the hits that make football so scary. A shot like that to the head can have repercussions that last for a very long time. Sometimes the damage never fully heals. I don’t even know if it was that dirty of a hit. Alonso didn’t lead with his helmet, and he appeared to initiate the hit just as Flacco entered his slide.

Hopefully Flacco is able to bounce back because that is one of the worst hits I’ve ever seen anybody in the NFL ever take.

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