Toobin Dismisses Clinton Scandal With Democratic Talking Points [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin used every Democratic buzzword in the book to dismiss the mounting revelations about the Clintons and Russia.


“Look, look, what this story is about is the symbiosis between Fox News and the Trump White House,” Toobin alleged. “This is an old investigation that deals with 10-year-old events…and it’s an attempt by the Republicans to get us to talk about something other than Russia’s possible influence in last year’s election.”

“It’s a completely political undertaking designed to get people to talk about the only thing that unites the Republican Party today, which is hating Hillary Clinton,” Toobin declared.

Recent reports reveal the FBI investigated the Russian nuclear industry for alleged racketeering and extortion in an attempt to influence the United States’ uranium industry. The FBI was in the beginning stages of that investigation when Hillary Clinton was in a position to approve the Uranium One deal. At the same time, the Clinton Foundation was receiving millions of dollars from Russian energy interests.

While the monetary connection between the Clinton Foundation and Russian energy interests has been reported on before, the reporting about the FBI investigation is new. Trump recently lifted a gag order on an FBI informant who has information about that investigation.

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