WaPo Article Calls For Amendment To ‘Ban The Incitement Of Bigotry’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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The Washington Post published an article Thursday that called for a constitutional amendment to ban inequality and racist speech.

As part of the publication’s series published Thursday called, “Fix this democracy—now, 38 ideas for repairing our badly broken civic life,” the Post featured author Ibram X. Kendi’s proposal for “A Constitutional Amendment On Equality.”

Kendi writes that the United States needs, “an Anti-Bigotry Amendment that would constitutionalize a critical principle: Group inequity is evidence of discrimination.”

“The amendment would make group inequity illegal and ban the incitement of bigotry, as the incitement of anti-Semitism is banned in Germany. Claims that inequity is evidence of a group’s dysfunction or inferiority would be outlawed. The amendment would establish equality as a human right and inequality as anti-American and anti-human,” he continues, seemingly endorsing a crackdown on free speech.

Kendi is a professor and director of American University’s “Antiracist Research & Policy Center.”

He describes himself as a, “hardcore humanist and softcore vegan.”

“The Anti-Bigotry Amendment would permanently establish a federal agency that investigates inequities and punishes institutional and individual discriminators. This Department of Equity would repair inequities caused by past discrimination. It would be charged with building a nation of equal opportunity where only the diverse materials of merit pave the roadway toward success. This is the only equitable path toward a healthy U.S. democracy,” Kendi also wrote.

Other ideas included in the Post’s 38 ideas were “Celebrate Government,” by Joan Williams, which urged readers to post photos and videos on social media celebrating how great government is.

Another idea was to “End American Arrogance,” by teaching everyone more about the past injustices of America “neuter the concept of American exceptionalism and perhaps temper American arrogance.”

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