Watch Denver News Anchor Vomit On Live Television

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Jena Greene Reporter
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A Denver TV anchor threw up on live television this week, and the scene did not disappoint.

Natalie Tysdal and her co-hosts were trying the “one chip challenge,” which apparently involves eating a single chip flavored with a Carolina Reaper pepper.

It didn’t go well for Natalie.

Those Westerners, man. They’ll get ya. As a New Englander, I grew up thinking states like Colorado, Wyoming and Montana were full of cowboys. Then during some of my summers in college, I visited Colorado and found this to be widely true. Colorado is full of unafraid savages. Anybody who’s spent time there can confirm this. These people live among the mountains and deal with torrential, biblical type storms on a daily basis. Wildfires, bobcats and hail the size of baseballs is a pretty routine sight.

So if you thought Channel 2’s finest were gonna get scared off by a little Carolina Reaper, think again. Hell, they’ll wash it down with some hot coffee like Natalie did. So what if they throw up a little? It’s just nature, man.

The best part of this is the fact that Channel 2 thought it would be a funny gag to post the clip to its Facebook page. Channel 2 is not trying to bury its mistakes like some other TV networks. The anchors are putting it out in the open for all to enjoy.

And if you think this is the first gag Channel 2 has pulled, man are you sorely mistaken. Denver Channel 2 is a content machine. It pumps out this material on a daily basis. You don’t need 500 channels when you have Channel 2. It’s so popular that Westword, a news site based out of Denver, stockpiles the funniest moments on Channel 2. There’s an entire archive.

You’re welcome. Happy Friday, and may God bless the great state of Colorado.