You Can Now Buy A Tom Brady Aston Martin

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Aston Martin has put 12 Tom Brady-inspired cars up for sale, and they appear to be slick vehicles.

They are going for $359,950 a piece, ESPN reports.

ESPN wrote the following:

Luxury brand Aston Martin has begun selling a special Tom Brady Signature Edition car, promising a delivery for early next year.

The convertible, which features Brady’s touches on the company’s Vanquish S Volante model, is limited to just 12 total cars and will cost $359,950 each.

The car has an ultramarine black exterior with dark leather inside and paddle shift tips made out of California poppy leather.

Brady’s signature is on the doorsill plates, and his “TB12” logo can be seen throughout the vehicle, including on the fender and embossed on the headrests.

These seem like interesting cars, but who is going to shell out nearly $360,000 for a Tom Brady-themed car? That’s nothing against the Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New England Patriots. I’d say the same thing about Aaron Rodgers, Bart Starr, Peyton Manning, Barry Sanders or anything other Hall of Fame caliber player.

Endorsements are very common when it comes to cars, but there’s probably a reason endorsements don’t result in the production of specific vehicles. It seems like a big gamble to assume fans will shell out a lot of money over a car just for their quarterback.

Then again, I’m not a car guy at all. I stick to real estate and guns. We each have our own interests. The only car I’ve ever been interested in is an armored SUV, which runs just under a million.

I’m sure these will eventually get bought. If it goes well then we might see more of this stuff for other athletes. On the other hand, if it goes poorly, we can assume you’ll never see something like this again.

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