Happy Second Birthday, Caitlyn Jenner!

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Caitlyn Jenner is celebrating her second birthday today.

Some people on Twitter pointed out it’s her birthday today. Caitlyn also released her first video of her walking around in a swimsuit on the beach to kick off her birthday. I’m not really sure who she thought would enjoy watching that video besides herself.

This tweet pretty accurately describes what many people feel about the matter. I don’t see how that is newsworthy either. There are so many other things to be talking about it, yet they choose to talk about this.

40 years ago my therapist asked me what my fantasy is. I told her walking on the beach being my authentic self and…

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Getting my rounds in before I kick off my nationwide book tour in a few weeks!

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Don’t forget to wish Caitlyn a happy second birthday!

I'm trying something new with my hair. What do you think of the color and style?

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