Jerry Jones Weighs In On Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear he feels his superstar running back Ezekiel Elliott isn’t being treated very fairly by the NFL.

Jones discussed the subject Tuesday morning during an appearance on the radio station 105.3 The Fan, and he went in on Goodell.

The famous owner said the following:

The ruling has more to do with the scope of the Commissioner’s authority, not really a bearing over whether Zeke is guilty of domestic violence or not. Two years ago this wouldn’t be an issue, before Ray Rice, this wouldn’t be an issue because the Commissioner shows where he really wants to come down, when he did Ray Rice…I’m sure he would like to take back his initial Ray Rice stance, and a few others. And he’s in the process of having to correct that, and in doing so Zeke is a victim of an over-correction.

Jones is going to look like a genius with these comments if it turns out Elliott is actually innocent of domestic violence. He’ll look like a prophet who foresaw Goodell overstepping the boundaries.

However, he’s going to look really stupid if Elliott did actually beat Tiffany Thompson, and now he’s publicly calling out Goodell for the suspension. That’s not a great look for Jones, Elliott, the Cowboys or the NFL as a league.

I understand that Jones wants to look out for his players, but perhaps he should hesitate a little bit before calling things an “over-correction.” At the very least wait until the courts and the league have worked through the process.

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