Lewandoski: Manafort Was On Campaign In ‘Limited Capacity’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Tuesday that the FBI should have warned the campaign about Paul Manafort if he was under a FISA warrant.


Lewandowski said on Fox News that Manafort was brought onto the campaign in a “limited” yet “high profile” capacity, and argued they should have gotten a warning from the FBI before they hired him.

“If it is true that Paul [Manafort] was under a FISA warrant prior to coming under campaign, then I think the FBI should have probably notified the campaign and said, ‘look, you’ve got a person here who’s currently under surveillance, and we want to raise that issue to you so you’re aware of it,'” Lewandowksi said.

The “Fox & Friends” hosts seemed unconvinced, with Steve Doocy asking, “yeah, but Corey, is that something the feds do, where they would tell somebody, ‘by the way, that guy you just hired–we’re looking at him’?”

“I don’t know,” Lewandowski admitted. “What I do know is if you are the Republican or Democratic nominee…and there is a person who is joining the campaign in a high profile capacity…you would think that just from a security standpoint they would come and brief the campaign.”

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