Making Your Own Sushi Just Got Easier

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Do you love sushi? Do you wish you could make it yourself but find it too difficult? Not anymore! This sushi bazooka allows you to make your own sushi much more easily. Not only will it allow you to be a master sushi chef, but this sushi maker will also save you a fortune from not having to order it.

All you have to do is load either side of the mold with rice and your fillings of choice, close the mold and push the perfectly sculpted sushi roll out. It’s that easy! You can even use the device to make cake rolls or fudge rolls if you so desire. When you’re done with the device, simply toss it into the dishwasher and it’s ready to go for its next use.

Right now on Amazon, this gourmet sushi making roller and bazooka is on sale for $10. That’s 50 percent off its original price!

Now anyone can make sushi (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $20, this sushi maker is 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)(Photo via Amazon)

Premium Quality Sushi Making Kit on sale for $9.99

This sushi maker gets a collective 4.5 star rating from Amazon customer reviews.

LOVE IT!! My nephew purchased this sushi maker from (moxie &co) for my birthday; needless to say he so-called borrowed it for a dinner party and I have yet to get it back. :-/ He loves it. So what the heck, I just purchased another! 🙂 🙂 I have heard that you can do so much with it outside of sushi that’s a PLUS for me. Thanks Moxie&Co for your amazing sushi maker! Can’t wait to explore new dishes 😉 – Felecia Wardsworth, 5 stars

I think I’m pretty good in the kitchen (except for the clean up, ugh), definitely not top chef material, but fairly confident, until I tried to make my first sushi roll. I love sushi and was determined to learn how to make it. I perfected my sushi rice, and came up with a fantastic spicy albacore recipe, then came the seaweed wrapper and a bamboo roller. I don’t know which I hated more, the seaweed or the bamboo roller, for the life of me I could not get either to cooperate. I couldn’t give up, I had to prove my giggling wife wrong. Then came the sushi making kit! Could this be the answer to my poor sushi rolling abilities? YES! it was. This little gadget is amazing. So amazing, that I hid it from my wife so I could brag about my improved sushi making skills. I would have fooled her but she started poking around and caught me. I was able to make several different rolls very quickly without all the mess and loss of product. The great thing is that my wife decided to make it a family event and got the kids to make their very own. Looks like I will be ordering a couple more so that the kids don’t have to fight over whose turn it is. This is a GREAT product. I highly recommend it and will be ordering a couple more. – Just My Opinion, 5 stars

This sushi maker has made creating sushi masterpieces easier for so many customers and now it will do the same for you.

This might be the coolest kitchen gadget yet (Photo via Amazon)

This might be the coolest kitchen gadget yet (Photo via Amazon)

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