Blake Lively Shocks The World With Her Singing Voice

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We all know that Blake Lively is a gorgeous (and pretty funny) actress, but she shows off more than just her acting abilities in her upcoming movie, “All I See Is You.”

The world recently found out that Blake Lively can sing, too. She sings two songs in the upcoming movie, which were recently released to the public. The first is called “Double Dutch,” and it features her singing a simple song with a child.

The second is called “In Our Dreams” and is a sweeter, slower acoustic love song.

“All I See Is You” is an independent thriller about a blind woman who depends on her husband for virtually everything. When she undergoes surgery and gets vision restored in her right eye, she gains a newfound independence and their relationship is changed forever. See the trailer here:

Director Marc Forster told Vanity Fair,

‘Suddenly we were in a studio in LA and she is in front of a mic and she starts singing,’ Forster said of the recording session, which took place in Babyface’s studio. Apparently the R&B icon even approved of Lively’s vocals. “He came in and was suddenly standing there saying, ‘She’s great! She needs no help.’

I’m usually pretty skeptical of actors who turn into singers and singers who turn into actors. Very few people are blessed with both abilities, but Blake Lively can sing. She’s like one of those people who happens to be good at a bunch of things. Like Justin Timberlake, who’s reportedly a great golfer, actor, singer, and dancer. Or Kaley Cuoco, who had to make the difficult decision of becoming an actor over a tennis player.

It seems that Blake Lively has just joined the ranks of multitalented superstars.

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