Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: What Should Happen To Kevin Spacey?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s Friday at The Daily Caller, and that means it’s time for my Friday Mailbag.

Let’s jump right into the questions.

Kevin Spacey might or might not be guilty of the allegations against him, but how is it fair to cancel “House of Cards” over unproven accusations?

The show wasn’t canceled because of anything Kevin Spacey did or didn’t do. The decision was made months ago to pull the plug. It was only announced to the public after the Spacey allegations surfaced. “House of Cards” ran its course about two seasons ago.

As for Spacey, if he’s guilty of the allegations then I’d say he needs some serious help. That’s not a guy that’s playing with a full deck of cards. I don’t know if criminal charges are an option at this point, but mental health examinations are always an option.

Where does the Hollywood tunnel of predators end? Funny how they pretend to have moral authority over America, but they can’t stop harassing and assaulting people.

Bingo. Some of the stuff we learned wasn’t much of a secret. Weinstein would be an example of something people knew, but just didn’t realize the full scope. I honestly have no idea where this is going to go. It’s not a good sign for the industry when titans like Jeremy Piven and Kevin Spacey are getting accused.

Trust me, this isn’t even close to being over.

How does it feel to know the committee can see right through Wisconsin’s fraud schedule? Have fun missing out on the playoff even if you guys go undefeated. 

The fact you sent this question tells me that whatever team you cheer for probably sucks. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wasting time trying to bring down my undefeated squad.

Now, onto your main point. The Wisconsin Badgers aren’t missing the playoffs if they’re undefeated Big Ten champions. There is literally no scenario where that’s going to happen. There’s a better chance five superstar models drop from the sky and ask if I want to have an orgy with them than an undefeated Wisconsin not playing for a national championship.

When is Congress going to step in to prevent our second civil war? God save all of us Americans.

We’re not even close to a second civil war. You can go back and look at my orgy example in the previous answer if you’re looking for something more likely than a civil war.

Sure, we disagree all the time, and the discourse isn’t always great. We’re still nowhere near a war. Don’t let the media scare you.

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