NYT: ‘No Single Reason’ Terrorist Attacked In NYC

Anders Hagstrom | Justice Reporter

The New York Times claimed there was “no single reason” for Sayfullo Saipov’s decision to drive a truck into more than 20 people in New York City Tuesday.

TheNYT attributed his attack more to a lack of opportunity and financial trouble in a Wednesday profile of the terrorist, even though Saipov yelled “Allahu Akbar” while being apprehended by police and had a note pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

“As with any attack like this, there is no single reason Mr. Saipov reportedly decided to kill innocents,” the article read, going on to claim that “He had come to the United States as a moderate Muslim with dreams of making it.”

Saipov killed eight people in his attack, before being brought down by a police officer. He is now being held in a New York hospital, where he told doctors he was proud of his actions and wished he had killed even more.

After immigrating to the US as a 22-year-old in 2010, Saipov worked as a trucker for several years across the country before moving to New Jersey and working for Uber.

“Mr. Saipov drove a semi-truck for a living, logging tens of thousands of miles back and forth across the country, from Denver to Detroit, from Canton, Mass., to Salt Lake City. He moved his wife and children from state to state, always searching for something — friends in Ohio, a new life in Florida, family in New Jersey, where he started driving for Uber six months ago. Nothing ever stuck,” the Times laments.

Contrary to the claim that Saipov had been a moderate Muslim, both his former coworkers and an imam claimed he always had an inclination toward violence and anger.

“I always thought deep in my soul that he would be jailed for beating someone or insulting someone,” one of his former colleagues told NYT. “He had a vulgar character.”

Saipov’s imam told the Times that “he had a character problem.”

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