Pro Golfer Throws His Putter Straight Into The Woods After Missing A Putt

(Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty Images)

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Every now and then, even the pros get frustrated with the game of golf. While it doesn’t happen often, the rare times it does are always a sight to behold.

Terry Pilkadaris struggled in his opening round of the Panasonic Open India on Thursday and he didn’t handle it well. Professional golfers are usually able to keep their composure no matter how bad a round goes, but eventually Pilkadaris had enough.

After making two straight bogeys on holes 15 and 16, the Australian golfer missed a birdie to gain a stroke back on 17 from a few feet out and reached his tipping point. Just after tapping in for par, frustrated, Pilkadaris picked his ball up, put it in his pocket and threw his putter straight into the woods.

I got to say, I really love to see this from a professional. I’ve thrown my fair share of clubs in my day and I’ve also restrained myself too. It feels a lot better when you don’t restrain yourself.

But what makes this video so good is that Pilkadaris has to regretfully drag his feet into the woods to go get it back, just like us regular golfers. That’s when you really understand the frustrations of golf, and if his caddy went to fetch it for him the putter throw wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

So, I applaud Pilkadaris for showing his true colors instead of holding it in. Having said that I have never thrown a club after making a par. I’d love to see what he does after a triple-bogey.