Shirtless Clown Picked A Fight With The Wrong Guy — Probably Won’t Mess With MMA Fighters Again

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A man picked a fight with a supposed MMA fighter, and was completely and hilariously trounced, a video posted to World Star Hip Hop Thursday shows.

“Step up, step up,” the challenger says before the brawl.

“Whose mans is this?” the cameraman wonders.


The “MMA fighter” comes out the gate with a kick to put his challenger off-balance and a knock to the head to put his challenger on the ground.

The challenger then wobbles back and forth as he attempts to get some hits in. He completely fails.

An argument ensues as the men disengage, though the challenger continues his aggression. Eventually the two enter into a grapple, and the video ends.

This is a classic World Star fight video, one for the ages. From the quality commentary of the cameraman to the satisfying and well-earned beat-down.

Also, some great restraint shown by the better fighter. He could’ve pounded his challenger unconscious, and it’d be well deserved.

Instead, he chose to spare the man’s brain-cells. Well played.