Trump: ‘I’m Very Frustrated’ I Can’t Order DOJ To Investigate Hillary

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump said Thursday that he is “frustrated” he can’t order around the Justice Department.

“But you know the saddest thing, because I’m the President of the United States I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I am not supposed to be involved with the FBI,” Trump told WMAL host Larry O’Connor. “I’m not supposed to be doing the kinds of things I would love to be doing and I’m very frustrated by it.”

“Why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton with her emails and with the dossier, and the kind of money?” Trump added. “Now, maybe they are, but as president, and I think you understand this, as a president you are not supposed to be involved in that process.”

After this interview with the Washington-area conservative radio host, Trump tweeted out his frustration.

“Donna Brazile just stated the DNC RIGGED the system to illegally steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders. Bought and paid for by Crooked H,” Trump wrote. “This is real collusion and dishonesty. Major violation of Campaign Finance Laws and Money Laundering – where is our Justice Department?”

Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile wrote in a Politico op-ed that by agreeing to pay off DNC debts, the Clinton campaign effectively took control of the party. It is unclear, however, what law this is breaking.

President Trump has been frustrated with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DOJ for some time. He called Sessions “beleagured” in July after asking why he isn’t looking into “Crooked Hillarys [sic] crimes.”

“It’s bulls**t. Sessions is too good for our juvenile crybaby president,” one former Sessions Senate aide told The Daily Caller at the time. The aide added that Sessions is the the one cabinet member “that is implementing his agenda.”