Trump Praises Tucker After He Slams FBI For Incompetence [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Tucker Carlson laid out a number of reasons to distrust the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Fox News Thursday, earning the praise of President Donald Trump.


Tucker began by talking about the seemingly incompetent investigation of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Of the investigation, The Daily Caller co-founder said, “The people running this case don’t really know what they’re doing. You hate to conclude something like that, but it’s becoming hard not to, especially when you consider the Las Vegas case in its larger context.”

Carlson mentioned other examples of FBI incompetence, including the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

He stated, “Speaking of emails, the FBI never examined the DNC’s email server after it was supposedly hacked. Instead they just accepted the claim of a private contractor hired employed by the Democratic Party that the hacking was the work of the Russian government. Why didn’t one of the bureau’s many tech teams conduct its own investigation of a matter this important and politically sensitive?”

“Meanwhile, in case after case, the FBI’s supposedly incorruptible white-collar division has leaked sensitive details of current investigations to the press. How does behavior like that restore public confidence in the federal law enforcement? It doesn’t of course, and it shouldn’t.”

The Fox News host continued, saying, “We have a right to be worried about the FBI. There is no more powerful federal agency in this country. They can read your email, they can root through your bank records, they can break down the front door of your house and arrest you in front of your children. Lying to them is a federal crime. We need to be absolutely certain the FBI is worthy of the power we give them. What is happening in Las Vegas right now is one of many reasons to wonder if they are.”

President Trump was a fan of the segment, tweeting:

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