Washington State Schools Might Adopt Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Program

Grace Carr | Reporter

Washington State public schools are considering adopting a Planned Parenthood sex education program that already operates in four other states and is looking to go national.

The Human Growth and Development Citizen Advisory Committee (HGD CAC) for Spokane, Wash., is considering using the abortion giant’s “Get Real” program which will head to the school board as well as Spokane district staff to be approved if it gets an ok from the advisory committee, according to KXLY News.

Planned Parenthood’s sex ed program curriculum teaches sixth through eighth graders and pairs school lessons with assignments that students take home in an effort to spark conservations with parents. The program includes STI prevention, condom usage and sexual decision making.

While some community members have expressed support for the program, others are not so sure. “Spokane, you know, we are a wonderful community that is very family oriented, we need to do it in a way that actually teaches to who this community is,” mother Joanna Hyatt whose two children will soon be attending Spokane public school told KXLY. A sexual educator herself, Hyatt doesn’t oppose sex education but doesn’t agree with the way “Get Well” teaches information to kids.

“This program does meet meets the state standards. what it doesn’t meet is the local standards,” Spokane pastor John Repsold also told the outlet.

Hyatt and others have proposed several options for the school board to consider instead, including presenting “Get Well” along with another program that parents can choose between. Parents currently have the option to opt their kids out of any sex ed programs at the school, but the Planned Parenthood proposal would make “Get Well” mandatory for all public school children in the district.

As of 2014, “Get Real” was taught in 150 schools in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Texas according to Time Magazine. Planned Parenthood hopes to the take the program nationwide and expand to  conservative states especially.

“If kids are able to negotiate relationships, they will be better able to negotiate sexual relationships,” Planned Parenthood’s VP of education and training in Massachusetts, Jennifer Slonake, told Time Magazine.

Spokane’s consideration of the program comes after the program was set to begin at nine Cumberland County, N.C., middle schools but was halted after parents loudly complained. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate for a 12-year-old, whether it be a boy or a girl, to be teaching them that,” parent Nick Quello told WRAL in October.

Spokane’s Planned Parenthood did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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