Carter Page Implies He May Have Met With Mueller, Told Others About Russia Trip In Trainwreck CNN Interview [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign Carter Page was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper Friday and seemingly implied he met with Mueller’s team.


Page, appearing on “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” was asked, “So you sat down for several interviews with the FBI in March of this year. Have you had any contact with the FBI or the Mueller team since then?”

He answered, “You know, what’s interesting, again, given those leaks, the Mueller team has been very professional in terms of not leaking…”

Tapper asks, “So you have met with them?”

“I have no comment,” Page replied, “because they have not — they don’t talk about ongoing investigations.”

Tapper replied, “You wouldn’t say they’ve been professional unless you know of something they didn’t leak.”

“I’m saying they’re very professional in the sense that they’re not leaking all the time, like, you know, as I’m walking out at 5:00 p.m, all the information is out on the street,” Page answered.

Tapper asked again, “You have met with them and they haven’t leaked it?,” to which again the former Trump adviser answered, “I have no comment. Again, I had no comment about my march meetings with the FBI until Washington Post published that in June. So, you know, somebody from the government already leaked that.”

In another moment from the wide-ranging interview, Tapper asked Page about his recent admission that Attorney General Jeff Sessions knew about him traveling to Russia during the campaign. Page maintains that the Russia trip was not related to his work on the Trump campaign.


“Is [Sessions] the only one on the campaign that knew about the trip?”

“I mentioned it to a few other people,” Page answered.

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