Hollywood’s Outrage Over Sexual Abuse Is Worthy Of An Academy Award

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Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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My wife was disappointed to learn that the star of her “House of Cards” TV show is accused of molesting a 14 year old boy. “It’s becoming harder to find shows to watch.” she said.

The NYT exposing Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator has opened the flood gates. Hollywood sexually assaulted victims are breaking decades of silence, exposing Tinseltown as a modern day Sodom filled with powerful sexual predators.

Over the years, I have received emails from dishearten Americans. They sadly say it is hopeless trying to get truth to the masses because liberal Hollywood and fake news media control what people believe. They say conservatives have already lost the war for the heart and soul of America.

They politely call me foolish for believing I can stop leftists’ evil cultural transformation of America; destroying the traditional family, killing babies in the 9th month; normalizing all sexual deviancy; disarming Americans; punishing all achievers; government confiscation and redistribution of wealth to ensure that no one has more than someone else. Fairness to leftists means spreading mediocrity and misery equally. Leftist elites desire to dictate how we commoners live while they travel in limos and private jets; living in armed guard protected gated communities. Welcome to leftists’ dream of their perfect America.

My readers advise, “Stop writing articles Lloyd. Drop your pen. Pick up your rod and go fishing. The war is over and we lost.” My retort is God is in control. Our job is to keep spreading the truth and trust Him.

Well, look what is happening folks. No conservative could do to Hollywood what it is doing to itself. Hollywood is imploding; collapsing from the weight of its own evil.

Former child actor Corey Feldman has been sounding the alarm about Hollywood’s “pedophilia problem” for decades. Feldman spoke of male only Hollywood parties with adult executives, young boys, drugs, alcohol and mandatory nudity in hot-tubs. Fake news media did not care. Feldman is all over the media fund-raising for his movie in which he vows to name Hollywood’s pedophiles.

Frankly, I do not believe leftists view pedophilia as a problem, considering they have been incrementally campaigning to normalize it, along with incest and bestiality.

Do you see a pattern here boys and girls? leftists are obviously working towards a sexual anything goes, no-holds-barred America. Sorry for saying boys and girls because Leftists have decreed that gender distinctions are stupid, bigoted and insensitive.

When I first heard about NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) decades ago, I was shocked by the lack of public outrage. These child molesters were treated like a legit organization with a magazine, “NAMBLA Bulletin” sold on Amazon. NAMBLA claims its mission is to abolish age of consent laws, which criminalize sex with minors.

Undercover FBI agent, Bob Hamer, infiltrated NAMBLA. Hamer said age of consent was never discussed at their meetings. They came together to network; to learn where they could go to have sex with little boys.

I am not convinced Hollywood really gives a rat’s derriere about sexual predators and pedophilia. I think Hollywood is upset that they got caught, exposed to the world as the hypocritical deceivers they truly are.

Hollywood relentlessly promotes every conceivable sexual deviancy, claiming various sexual acts are “unfairly stigmatized”. Hollywood tricks Americans by portraying perverts as victims of the cruel intolerant mainstream. Now that the lid has been blown off of Hollywood being complicit in Weinstein’s reign of sexual terror, we are suppose to believe Hollywood really cares about sexual harassment and pedophilia. Hogwash!

Despite Leftists operatives fighting Trump at every turn, he is turning the tide on leftists’ cultural strongholds.

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