Trump Takes On ‘Hollywood Depravity’ With Laura Ingraham [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump took on “Hollywood depravity” in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham Thursday, calling it a problem “for everything.”


Ingraham said, “There are other images out there that aren’t nice to see, that are being put on album covers, put on magazines, late-night TV — Hollywood depravity in our children, how big of a problem do you think it is?” (RELATED: It’s Not Just Weinstein — Entertainment Industry Filled With Accused Sex Abusers)

President Trump responded, saying, “Well, I think, Hollywood depravity is, period, not only for children, for everything. I look at what is happening with that, and frankly, if they said some of the things about Obama, you would have people, politically correct people say, ‘oh, you can’t say that.’ But with me it’s allowed. I think it’s disgraceful — but, we power forward.” (RELATED: Hollywood Should Never Lecture America Again)

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