Female Miami Football Fan Takes A Swipe At Cop, Gets Punched

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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One Miami Hurricanes fan found out the hard way that taking a swing at a cop is never a good idea.

A video was posted online Saturday showing a female Hurricanes fan being carried out of the stadium. Instead of calmly leaving the stadium, the unidentified fan took a swing at one of the police officers.

He responded by punching her square in the face.


I don’t know what the rules of engagement are for police officers in a situation like that one, but that woman is an absolute idiot. Right or wrong, if you take a swing at a police officer the likely result is going to be getting lit up. That’s day one stuff.

Now, I’m also sure there’s going to be some kind of conversation with the police officer about what constitutes “reasonable use of force.” There’s probably an argument to be made that he didn’t have to punch a drunk woman in the face.

It’s still never a good idea to start throwing shots at a police officer because there’s always going to be some kind of retaliation.

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