The Boys Are Back In Business — Gambling Picks Roll Through The Weekend

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It was a wonderful weekend for anybody smart enough to take my gambling picks for college football Saturday.

We’d been sitting at 22-23. The boat was starting to rock, people were wondering if we’d bounce back above .500 and I told everybody to remain calm.

Well, the picks rocked and rolled to an impressive 4-0-1 over the weekend.

Here were the picks:

Wisconsin (-12.5) vs. Indiana: WIN

Auburn vs. Texas A&M (+15): PUSH

South Carolina (+24) vs. Georgia: WIN

Washington State (-2.0) vs. Stanford: WIN

Alabama vs. LSU (-21.5): WIN

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not the rain or wind you’re hearing outside. That’s buckets of money falling from the sky. We’re sitting at 26-23-1. That’s a pretty nice cushion to have headed into the last few weeks of college football. I’ll also die on the battlefield of betting to make sure we never drop below .500 again this season.

What a wild ride this season has been. So many joyful ups and so many depressing downs. Life as a football gambler is as unpredictable as it gets. Luckily we’re steaming towards the finish line and swimming in our winnings.

You’re welcome.

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