Donna Brazile Tells Her Critics Where They Can Go


David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Donna Brazile continues to create controversy over Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2016 Democratic primary and presidential election. The former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) told ABC News on Sunday that her message to her critics who are urging her to refrain from further comment is to “go to hell.”

“For those who are telling me to shut up, they told Hillary that a couple of months ago. You know what I tell them, ‘Go to hell.’ I’m going to tell my story,” she told ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

The warning came just after a Brazile claimed that “was under tremendous pressure” to remove Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee in favor of then-vice president Joe Biden after the former secretary of state fainted at a public event and reports swirled that Clinton was in poor health.

Brazile claimed she didn’t support “Plan B,” to replace Clinton for Biden. “I supported Hillary and I wanted her to win. But we were under pressure.”

Despite suggesting last week that Clinton rigged the primary, Brazile is now running away from that contention, telling ABC that she has “no evidence” of that previously stated belief.

Clinton supporters have lashed out at Brazile in a letter that suggests the former DNC chairmwoman is mistaken about how the 2016 campaign was run: “Donna came in to take over the DNC at a very difficult time. We were grateful to her for doing so. She is a longtime friend and colleague of many of us and has been an important leader in our party. But we do not recognize the campaign she portrays in the book.”

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