Hero Texan Describes His Response To Shooting — ‘That’s What You Do. You Chase The Bad Guy’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Johnnie Langendorff, the hero Texan who chased down the church shooter with his truck, said he wasn’t thinking much else besides “get him” during the harrowing chase.


In a Monday interview with CNN, Langendorff said another Texas man engaged Devin P. Kelley with his AR-15 and then asked Langendorff for a ride so they could chase Kelley as he fled in his own vehicle. The ensuing chase reached speeds of 95 MPH before Kelley seemingly lost control and pulled off the road.

When asked what was going through his mind when he decided to chase Kelley, Langendorff said, “nothing–get him.”

“Because that’s what you do,” he asserted. “You chase the bad guy.”

“You said the chase was 12-15 minutes long going 95 down these country roads,” CNN’s John Berman said. “What was going through your head as this was going on?”

“Not a lot,” the hero responded. “I like to drive so if I can get away with driving fast well, you know. I had to catch the guy, I had to make sure he was caught.”

“At one point the gentleman riding with me said, ‘you may have to use your truck to get him off the road,’ and there was no hesitation,” he recalled.

Langendorff also gave credit to the man who “was taking a nap” and woke up to go after Kelley with his own firearm.

“He’s very much a hero–he acted quicker than he could think as well,” Langendorff praised. “He did absolutely the right thing which was try and take him down on the scene.”

“Grabbed his gun before he grabbed his shoes,” Berman asserted.

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